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CloudSuite Distribution

Distribution SMB Snapshot

Designed to provide an unmatched user experience, Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution delivers industry-specific capabilities
without extensive customizations or integrations by combining the Infor® cloud platform built on infrastructure services
from Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) and Infor OS. With CloudSuite Distribution’s critical business applications, distributors
can experience automatic upgrades that deliver the latest advances in enterprise functionality.

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Digital Transformation in Warehousing
CloudSuite Distribution

Why Leaders Select Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Choosing the right ERP system is a big deal for businesses. Among the many options out there, Infor CloudSuite Distribution often stands out. Why do top businesses prefer it? This article breaks down its unique benefits and why it’s a favorite among industry leaders. Dive in to find out more!

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Immersive Training Simulator

Immersive Facility Training

The Immersive Training Simulator (ITS) utilizes virtual reality to prepare operators, supervisors and managers for construction, start-up, operation, overhaul as well as Health, Safety, and Environment training.

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The project information challenge

External parties, who often contribute to 80% of the project cost, provide up to 50% of the project information and documentation. Hence, proper collaboration and communication with all parties is a critical success factor. This White Paper shows how to deal with it.

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