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Introducing our Digital Twin Hosting Service

We are proud to introduce DiTHo  – Digital Twin Hosting Service by DiTRA.

In the dynamic world of facilities, there’s a bridge between the tangible and the digital – the Digital Twin. 

With DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting, we transform your facilities’ complex data into understandable insights. Imagine a world where information seamlessly weaves together, where every byte, every bit, finds its counterpart in perfect harmony. In the realm of Digital Twin, all these pieces of information connect, offering you a singular gateway to access all.

Tailored for both, EPCs and Owner Operators, our platform adapts to diverse needs. With DiTRA, every facility finds its digital match. We meticulously compile, transform, and unify data about your facility. Hence, providing a comprehensive perspective and ensuring the Digital Twin remains always up-to-date.

For your Digital Twin, secure access isn’t just promised; it’s delivered. Whether you’re diving deep into engineering, overseeing maintenance, managing operations, are responsible for safety, or ensuring compliance, every perspective is just a click away.

Plus, with our integrated data solutions, sketching, simulations and immersive training, we ensure you are always ahead.

DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting Service: Bringing precision, efficiency, and foresight to your operations. Your future! Streamlined! Your Digital Twin Stewards.

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