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7 Key Benefits of Project Management Collaboration Tools

Understanding Project Management Collaboration Tools (PCTplus)

What is PCTplus? Project Management Collaboration Tools, or PCTplus, are advanced technologies designed to assist project managers. They cover every stage of a project, from the beginning to the end, ensuring tasks are done accurately, on schedule, and within budget.

Benefits of Using PCTplus:

  1. Boost Efficiency: PCTplus supports projects from the idea stage to sales and ongoing maintenance.
  2. Team Collaboration: Whether your team is local or global, everyone can connect and communicate within one platform.
  3. Unified System: No need to jump between systems; everything is in one centralized database.
  4. Resource Management: Assign the right resources to the right tasks at the right time. Plus, get a digital representation of the actual status of your assets.
  5. Track Scope: View project updates in real-time and test potential scenarios for optimal outcomes.
  6. Document Control: All documents and data updates are instantly available to the team.
  7. Budget Oversight: Manage costs and ensure projects remain within budget.


Integrating PCTplus: The power of PCTplus lies in its adaptability. It can be integrated with other systems like Infor CloudSuite and Infor Construction. Different integrations serve different needs:

  • For resource management, pair PCTplus with Infor Construction.
  • For quality, invoicing, and procurement needs, integrate PCTplus with Infor CloudSuite.
  • If overseeing a wide range of projects, especially in design and engineering, PCTplus alone can be invaluable.


How to Start with PCTplus: Embarking on this journey? Make sure you have the right support. Consider joining hands with a digital transformation expert. At DiTRA, we don’t just provide software; we offer complete project management support. From analyzing your existing data to helping you digitize your documentation, we’re here to help.

Interested? Reach out to our digital transformation consultants to learn more.

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