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DITRA's Partner

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite pioneered the Cloud Computing revolution in 1998, establishing the world’s first company dedicated to delivering business applications over the internet. Today, it provides a suite of cloud-based financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR and omnichannel commerce software that runs the business of companies in more than 100 countries.



 The KPC-E AG was founded in 2004 by a group of experienced plant engineering and project management experts that are active in the process and power industry.
Their best practice business excellence is based on more than 250 plant projects developed, specified, executed and maintained in the field of process, energy, chemical and oil & gas industries.

KPC-E AG  is a full service provider operating along the entire value chain of projects and plants. They help to manage complex project and plant businesses including specifications, contracting and project management. By using KPC-E AG’s proven project control methodology they improve the overall project quality and reduce project costs. 

ORINOX - Accelerate your digitalization journey

ORINOX is a worldwide software consulting, Plant Design & Engineering ­firm. ORINOX operates across many sectors including oil & gas, nuclear, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and marine industry. DITRA and ORINOX join to provide you with a global team of experts suited for your digitalization goals and objectives. 

ORINOX service model includes providing expertise for AVEVA Software Deployment and Administration, Engineering and Design, Modeling, Laser Scanning and Remodeling, Immersive Training Simulation, Custom Software plugin, Development, and Training.

SSG - Strategic Systems Group

DiTRA partnered with SSG because it is one of the best ERP Integrated Solutions Providers in the Market. Together SSG and DiTRA offer complimentary services. For example, for ERP systems, DiTRA supports Oracle NetSuite while Strategic Systems Group focuses on Infor and Microsoft Dynamics. DiTRA provides a platform for building & maintaining Digital Twins while Strategic Systems Group has a business process automation service offering. Our partnership allows both companies to extend their services range

  1. Clients can benefit from DiTRA‘s and SSG’s joint ability to provide fractional CIO services
  2. DiTRA’s customers receive access to SSG’s Robotic Process Automation Services
  3.  SSG’s clientele get introduced to efficient Asset Information Management with DiTRA’s Project control and collaboration toolset.