We Build and Maintain the Digital Twin of Your Facility

In essence, a digital twin serves as a seamless link between the physical infrastructure and the digital landscape, enabling facility owners to gain unparalleled insights, refine processes, and enhance operational efficiencies like never before.

For an owner-operator, a digital twin is akin to a high-powered magnifying glass. It grants a dynamic view into the intricate workings of their facility, paving the way for proactive decision-making, enhanced performance, and streamlined operations. It’s an investment not just in technology, but in future-proofing one’s operational excellence.

When the Digital Twin is the Firstborn

For fresh constructions, think of a Digital Twin as your master architect and foreman combined. It supercharges the project's efficiency and quality, trimming down uncertainties and speeding up the timeline. Imagine boosting your sales pace while doing 30% less heavy lifting! Significant cuts in documentation, design, and purchasing costs? Check. Getting to the finish line of handover and operation readiness quicker and smoother? Double-check.

Digital Twin Hosting example

When the Physical Twin is the older twin

Embrace our Digital Twin Hosting during your facility's run, and it's like giving it a supercharged engine. Expect boosted uptime, leaner engineering bills, and an operations team working at their peak. Want a taste of the future with Industry 4.0? Our service lays the red carpet for Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and the IoT magic. And that juicy operational data? It's your crystal ball for managing risks, fine-tuning upkeep, and pushing boundaries in optimization.

Digital Twin Hosting Service - DiTH

DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting service is tailored for both EPCs and Owner Operators. Our approach with DiTH services:

  • We meticulously gather, digitize, and structure details from the Physical Twin.
  • We ensure comprehensive data consolidation from all pertinent sources.
  • And importantly, we offer streamlined access to the entirety of the project or facility data, ensuring all stakeholders remain informed throughout every phase.

Moreover, to complement our hosting service, we provide integration for any pre-existing data sources and immersive training solutions. Efficient and comprehensive – that’s the DiTRA difference.

Consider us the dedicated stewards of your Digital Twin. We meticulously maintain its integrity and ensure its timely updates, preserving its relevance for owner-operators.