We Build and Maintain the Digital Twin of Your Facility

When the Digital Twin is the Firstborn

For newbuilds a Digital Twin improves project performance and quality, reduces project risks and project cycle time. It even accelerates the sales process with a decrease of effort by more than 30%. We see also massive reductions in cost of documentation, engineering, procurement during project execution. Handover and operational readiness is achieved faster and with less effort.

When the Physical Twin is the older twin

Utilizing our Digital Twin Hosting service during operation helps to increase facility availability, reduce operations engineering cost. It is the first step to Industry 4.0 by providing the basis for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, and Internet of Things. Operational data collected via the digital twin is available for risk management, preventive maintenance, and optimization.

Digital Twin Hosting Service - DiTH

DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting service is available for EPCs and Owner Operators.  The DiTH approach is to

  • gather, digitize, and structure information about the Physical Twin;
  • collect and consolidate data from all relevant sources;
  • provide controlled access to complete project/facility information for all stakeholders in all stages of the life cycle

Together with the Digital Twin Hosting we offer related services like integration of existing data sources and immersive training solutions.