Utilize Virtual Reality for Effective Immersive Training

The Immersive Training Simulator (ITS) utilizes virtual reality to prepare operators, supervisors and managers for construction, start-up, operation, overhaul as well as Health, Safety, and Environment training.

Operator Training and Safety Instruction Reinvented

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me ...

… and I remember. Involve me and I learn”
Benjamin Franklin 

Traditional training methods and tools do not show the necessary retention rates, require expensive and risky on-site exercises, and to let courses keeping up with the constantly changing environment is costly and tedious.

ITS can immerse your employees in realistic, virtual environments based on your physical assets.

The training experience is realistic and practical because it occurs in the digital asset.

Multi-Dimensional Benefits

The Immersive Training Simulator can help avoiding accidents, speed-up operational readiness, improve team productivity while reducing the effort for training preparation and execution.

The system offers a multitude of innovative functions:

  • visualize industrial plant ergonomics,
  • concurrent training in the same facility with multiple trainees,
  • test and certify trainee’s knowledge
  • gain in-depth operator knowledge of the plant,
  • simulate vehicle operation on-site,
  • night/day lighting features,

Virtual 3D Training Facilities

Immersive Training

The ITS facilitates the creation & update of the Training Asset during the entire lifecycle.

The virtual 3D Training Facility can be generated from combinations of various sources from the original asset: 3D model, 3 D Scans, 360º Photogrammetry.

Operation manager and instructors can:

  • Build interactive scenarios
  • Create 3D ad hoc context
  • Develop cinematic scenarios
  • Monitor & examine trainees