Introducing our Digital Twin Hosting Service

With DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting, we transform your facilities’ complex data into understandable insights.
Tailored for both, EPCs and Owner Operators, our platform adapts to diverse needs. With DiTRA, every facility finds its digital match. We meticulously compile, transform, and unify data about your facility.

7 Key Benefits of Project Management Collaboration Tools

Project Management Collaboration Tools, or PCTplus, are advanced technologies designed to assist project managers. They cover every stage of a project, from the beginning to the end, ensuring tasks are done accurately, on schedule, and within budget.

The project information challenge

External parties, who often contribute to 80% of the project cost, provide up to 50% of the project information and documentation. Hence, proper collaboration and communication with all parties is a critical success factor. This White Paper shows how to deal with it.

How Project Manager Collaborate Effectively in Capital Projects

Managing a project with data from various sources can be challenging. Engineers might use different systems for schedules, documentation, and 3D visualization. But with PCTplus, you can oversee and manage your project from start to finish in one place.