Introducing our Digital Twin Hosting Service

With DiTRA’s Digital Twin Hosting, we transform your facilities’ complex data into understandable insights.
Tailored for both, EPCs and Owner Operators, our platform adapts to diverse needs. With DiTRA, every facility finds its digital match. We meticulously compile, transform, and unify data about your facility.

Immersive Facility Training

Immersive Training Simulator

The Immersive Training Simulator (ITS) utilizes virtual reality to prepare operators, supervisors and managers for construction, start-up, operation, overhaul as well as Health, Safety, and Environment training.

ERP is not only for the Big Guys

Many believe that only big corporations benefit from digital transformation, but that’s not true! Now, even Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMSBs) can adopt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions as barriers decrease.