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Small & Medium Sized Businesses assume: “Digital Transformation is only for the Big Guys” – But it isn’t! How the obstacle to utilize an Enterprise Resource Planning solution is getting lower and lower.

“Digital transformation is quickly becoming the largest driver of new technology investments and projects among businesses,” said Craig Simpson, research manager with IDC’s Customer Insights & Analysis group. “It is already clear from our research that the businesses which have invested heavily in DX over the last 2-3 years are already reaping the rewards in terms of faster revenue growth and stronger net profits compared to businesses lagging in DX initiatives and investments.” Across virtually every industry and sector, total spending on digital transformation will jump roughly 18 percent in 2019 to a new high-water mark of $1.18 trillion. (Businesswire.com)

On the other hand, we see that in Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMSBs) paperwork, spreadsheets, manual processes or desktop solutions obstruct efficiency. They might suffice in very early stages of start-ups and family businesses, but, with success, they quickly become barriers for growth. Yet many SMSBs continue to hang onto processes and systems that fall far short of modern, technology-enabled, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) approaches. Why is that, despite that the number of available solutions is growing constantly?

Main obstacles seem to be:

Lack of awareness – Many SMSBs, overestimate their digital footprint. While many feel they are already well-prepared, we still see most rely at least partially on documents, spreadsheets, paper and manual processes to manage activities. Only few SMSBs have a completely digital system of record of different types of transactions. And many of those digital records still require manual entry. SMSBs don’t see what they are missing out on.

DITRA can help with assessment and value calculation to build the business case for first time implementation, modernization, or improvement of ERP.

Lack of cash – if you are a small or midsize company that is growing, there is a very good chance you might be fear the investment or simply don’t have the cash you believe to need. Capital investments (CapEx) in hardware and software together with the cost for implementation used to be a major hold-back to for SMSB’s ERP aspirations.

An ERP system in form of Software as a Service (SaaS) replaces CapEx with operating expense (OpEx). There are upfront costs associated with the implementation, but the right partner, like DITRA, and a preconfigured Cloud ERP systems like reduce implementation time, cost and risks significantly.

Lack of time – The objection “we are too busy; we don’t have time for this” is maybe the main roadblock for any innovation. Especially SMSBs struggle to provide resources and time necessary for an ERP implementation. Their best people are bound by supporting the company’s core business and growth, as well as slowed down by the very inefficiencies the ERP implementation shall eliminate.

Too Busy is no longer a valid reason for postponing any SMBs ERP journey. DITRA provides experienced subject matter experts and implementation professionals. Cloud ERP systems contribute with their ready-to-go ERP SaaS solutions, including: Best Practice processes and tons of templates. Together they get you up and running in short time and with just little disruption of your day-to-day business.

DITRA corp invites to check if you have a solution that is hindering more than it is helping your business; if you are giving up a distinct competitive advantage in today’s digital world; if you don’t have a complete solution that is easy to use. Because if you do, then you are operating at a definite disadvantage. Let us see together whether you are saving money by not investing, or instead you are more likely to be leaving money on the table. It’s time to act.

The first step is to contact DITRA for more information or book for a free consultation with our experts.

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