Digital Transformation Services
Support your Digital Transformation from Solution Design to Operation and Beyond


Find prospects for improvements through digital enablers 


Follow opportunities for transformation and design solutions


Improve processes by implementing enabling technology



Spotting processes that can be improved by utilizing data and enabling technology

Our business analysts help to describe your existing processes and data. The process and data models are then analysed to identify gaps and potential for improvements. 

Technology experts will look at the status quo, collect suitable enablers and sketch possible applications.

Those solutions will be assessed and ranked concerning  benefits for the business, efforts to implement and associated risks. 

At the end you will have all information necessary  to decide to pursue the best prospect.



Pursue prospects for Digital Transformation

Together with you, Ditra’s experienced consultants (re-)design processes and related data model with respect to goals and objectives set for the prospect.

They will define requirements towards the organization and enabling technology. This is the starting point for tool selection and  Organizational Change Management.

Finally, we jointly specify the solution in terms of adopted/new processesdata  selected enablers to utilize the data in the processes. An updated overall system architecture is one important result. You are ready to engage the Digital Transformation.



Engage the Digital Transformation

DITRA’s experienced technical consultants  develop an individual Implementation Plan for your new solution. It covers Scope, Schedule  & Resources, Cost & Risks and prepares the Digital Transformation.

We provide guidance to you through the implementation of the adopted or new processes and tools. Together we will manage the installation, configuration, test, training, migration and Go-Live. 

Once in operation, DITRA stands by you during ramp-up and learning phase. We facilitate a continuous improvement process starting with assessments of process, data and tools behavior.