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The Key Elements to a Successful NetSuite Implementation


NetSuite has the best tools on the market to help project-driven businesses streamline their operations on a centralized platform. From sales to facility management and beyond, NetSuite’s advanced ERP system is a unified cloud business management suite that can be customized for your specific business and industry requirements. 

The decision to implement NetSuite ERP is no small undertaking. That’s why it’s important for your business to partner with the right implementation team to ensure a successful migration and go-live. At DiTRA, we’ve helped businesses across the project-based industry realize their full potential through strategic technology investments. If you’re interested in NetSuite ERP and are curious as to what the implementation process entails, we’re discussing the key elements of a successful migration, our unique process, and how to get started. 

What to Expect from the NetSuite Implementation Process

The entire implementation strategy usually consists of planning and preparation, configuration and data migration, testing and training, followed by your official go-live date. 

When getting started with digital transformation and NetSuite ERP, it is critical to have a strong digital transformation team with you every step of the way. A NetSuite implementation could easily become a full-time job. That’s why working with a NetSuite solutions partner is an important step in getting started. At DiTRA, we work with your business to ensure that your implementation is on time and in budget all while providing support throughout the entire journey.  

Elements of a Successful NetSuite Implementation 

Now that you understand the challenges of a successful implementation and the importance of working with an experienced and trusted solutions provider, let’s go over the steps and key elements to a successful implementation.  

  1. Discovery. During the discovery phase, your business will work with your designated solutions provider to discuss current processes, project requirements, and your teams overall goals for implementing NetSuite ERP.
  2. Planning. The planning phase establishes the implementation timeline, identifies key resources, team responsibilities, and the solutions expected to be incorporated during the implementation. 
  3. Requirements. Finalize the project plan with the ERP project team and confirm the implementation readiness with a signoff of the project plan by the project team. 
  4. Installation. Once you have finalized the project plan, you are ready to initiate the ERP installation with the best identified solution. 
  5. Migration. Your solutions provider will review the data being migrated, ensuring that the data is up to date, configurable, and rid of any duplications or errors. During this phase is when initial data mapping takes place so that data can begin flowing freely between departments and business segments for pending testing and go-live tasks.
  6. Testing. Rigorous testing is required to make sure that the resulting solution matches the agreed-upon business requirements and is functioning to the best of its ability.
  7. Training. Your solutions provider works alongside your team to ensure that the entire organization gets trained on how to properly use NetSuite.
  8. Deployment. Once the solution has been deployed, your company is officially up and running with NetSuite ERP. 
  9. Post Go-Live Support. Now that your NetSuite ERP has been implemented, it’s important that your team is using it to its full capability. At DiTRA, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your system is meeting project KPIs.

Following DiTRA’s SPE Road Map

DITRA is committed to providing the best digital transformation experience to our clients. As a result, we work hard to build custom strategies and solutions for each client to ensure they are reaching their full potential, both digitally and as a business. We offer support along the entire digital transformation journey and start by identifying your businesses unique needs using our Spot, Pursue, and Engage (SPE) road map.


In the first step of our road map, we work to identify processes that can be improved by utilizing data and enabling technology. Our business analysts work to understand your existing processes and data, and then analyze and identify gaps in your current strategy while devising potential solutions. 

Our technology experts will look at the status quo, collect suitable enablers fit for your business needs, and sketch possible applications. Those solutions will be assessed and ranked concerning benefits for the business, efforts to implement, and associated risks. In the end, you benefit by having all the necessary information needed to pursue the best prospect.


Our experienced consultants work to design, or redesign, your current processes and related data models with respect to your goals and objectives. We will define your business requirements and enable the best technology suitable for your needs. This is the starting point for organizational change management and where we begin selecting the best technology tools.

Finally, we outline the solution with your team in terms of adoption and new processes and provide an updated system architecture. Once these tasks are complete, your business is ready to reap the benefits of digital transformation.


In the final stretch of our road map, our experienced technical consultants develop a custom  implementation plan for your new solution. It covers scope, schedule, resources, costs, and risks associated with the preparation of your digital transformation.

We provide guidance to your business through the entire implementation process to ensure a smooth adoption of the new processes and tools. Together, we will manage the installation, configuration, testing, training, migration and go-live, followed by ongoing support. 

Once the implementation process is complete, our team stands by you every step of the way during the initial ramp-up and learning phase. We facilitate a continuous improvement process starting with assessments of processes, data, and tools behavior. 

Get Started with DiTRA

With a dedicated team, services, and products, DiTRA covers all of the steps necessary to get you started on your path to digital transformation. We offer support through the entire journey and are ready and equipped to get you started with NetSuite ERP. Get in touch with us today for more information or to book a discovery call.