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The 7 Key Benefits of Project Management Collaboration Tools


Project management collaboration tools help project managers plan, execute, and control all aspects of their operations. This advanced technology works to ensure that each task is completed on time, in scope, and in budget. If you are curious as to what a project collaboration tool (PCT) is and how it can benefit your project driven-business, below we’ve outlined its key benefits and steps for getting started.

Project Management Collaboration Tools Key Benefits:

  • Improve efficiency. With PCT, your project is supported every step of the way, from initial conceptualizing to order, sale, and continued support. 
  • Collaboration. Leadership can rest assured knowing their team is supported in all aspects of the communication process. Regardless of location, teams can seamlessly control and communicate schedules and project status within a single system. 
  • Centralized database. Project management collaboration tools eliminate the need for your team to toggle between systems. Gain control and insight into all stages of the project lifecycle all within a central database.
  • Digital twin. Manage your valuable resources more effectively, giving you the advanced resource optimization functionality you need to make sure that the right resources are working on the right projects, at the right time. Insure an asset by utilizing a digital twin, giving your team a true reflection of the current status of your real asset.
  • Scope Management. PCT gives managers clear, real-time visibility into project dynamics and enables them to model “what if” scenarios to optimize price, billing rates, staffing, and overall project profitability. Manage functional project scope, division of work, deliverable interfaces, and more. 
  • Data Management. Manage data and document deliverable status, revisions, and more while having all documentation available to various teams in real-time. 
  • Cost Management. Increase resource utilization and maximize project success by easily managing and deploying resources to projects according to project needs. Control estimates and budgets to make sure you’re delivering on time and within scope.


A major driving force for using project management collaboration tools is its ability to be integrated with other data sources or systems. By integrating your current processes with additional systems, such as NetSuite and OpenAir, you are providing all members of your project access to important data and documentation on a centralized source. 

Additionally, it is good to keep in mind that different integrations offer different functionalities, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve from your project collaboration tool. For example, if your projects are heavily focused on resource management and transfer of human resources, then utilizing PCT together with OpenAir would be your best option. However, if you are more focused on project quality management with an emphasis on invoicing and procurement, then project management collaboration tools are recommended with NetSuite. Or if your company is heavily involved with engineering and design and is looking to oversee the management of all your projects, then PCT can serve as a great asset on its own. The beauty of PCT is that it is versatile yet adaptable to best serve your organization’s needs. 

Getting Started with PCT

When getting started with project management collaboration tools, it’s important that you’re supported every step of the way. One of the best ways to ensure your success with this advanced technology is by partnering with a trusted digital transformation consultant. With digital transformation consulting, your team benefits from much more than just software, you also obtain full project management services. At DiTRA, we’ve worked with customers across multiple project-driven industries to assess their current data, then transform, migrate, and digitize existing documentation to ensure that their technology is operating to the best of its ability. 

For more information on project management collaboration tools or to get started today, book a call with one of our expert digital transformation consultants.