Gain a Competitive Advantage with Infor Cloud ERP for Distribution

What is Infor Industry Cloud? - In 30 seconds or less!

Infor delivers distribution-specific cloud applications to support your
mission critical business operations that can be implemented faster, without customization. Combining all the advantages of multi-tenant cloud with deep industry expertise, Infor delivers complete innovative solutions that reduce certain risks to your business while inspiring a modern workforce today and into the future. Infor’s industry cloud solutions are built for the cloud and built for your industry. Key value drivers:
> Faster time to value (up and running, in less than 16 weeks)
> Continual industry-specific innovation (no more upgrades)
> Complete continuity for mission critical operations (elite customer support)
> 24/7 mobile access
> Lower total cost of ownership

Infor Cloud ERP - the solution to face Distribution's unique challenges

Distribution faces unique challenges

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Infor - Your competitive distribution advantage

Effectively managing inventory investment while meeting customers’ demands is key. Infor’s solution:

  • Demand forecasting to estimate future purchases
  • Cycle counting and quality receiving process to ensure inventory accuracy
  • Vendor Scorecard to analyze vendor performance
  • System recommended optimal order quantity and automated replenishment
  • Demand Center to enable management by exception

Establishing and maintaining operational excellence in the warehouse must ensure that customer service levels are met. Infor helps with:

  • Consistent data warehouse source of company data, role-based analytics accessible for all employees, and alerting systems checking for potential issues
  • Proper identification and tracking of inventory to ensure accuracy
  • Manage the peaks and spikes of demand and balancing workloads and tasks with available resources
  • Advanced slotting to support best arrangement of SKUs

Customers & retailers buying direct bypassing distributors. Infor’s remedy:

  • Industry specific functionality (kitting & assembly, product configuration, field service, rental, vendor managed inventory, 3PL services tracking & billing, reverse logistics)
  • Ability to offer high margin earning value add services to differentiate you from your competition
  • Increased customer wallet share

Process streamlining and optimization through access to information and data is required. Infor includes:

  • Consistent data warehouse source of company data
  • Role based distribution specific analytics accessible for all employees
  • Alerting systems checking for potential issues

Meeting and exceeding growing customer expectations across all sales channels. Infor’s enablement:

  • A unique user experience to support sales on the phone, at the counter, in the field, or on-line
  • Managing tasks and collaboration across department to improve customer service and deliver the perfect order
  • Better understand customers through data to create loyalty and repeat business

Today’s workforce has certain expectations of their working environment. Infor offers:

  • Mobile access to information and tasks – anywhere, anytime
  • Role based homepages to meaningfully organize work
  • Automation of repetitive tasks to free employees up for more meaningful for work
  • A unified user experience across all applications
  • Modern learning tools to enabling learning in consumable pieces embedded in everyday work processes